Taiwanese Breakfast


To celebrate her shop-in-shop at Cites of Days, Juliana Huang of The Wax Apple will be hosting a series of Taiwanese breakfasts on Sundays through the end of the year!

Traditionally, breakfast in Taiwan is treated as the important meal of the day. Taiwan was primarily a farming culture so breakfast was always very dough and rice heavy to fill up and energize for the day. Shops would generally open only for the early morning customers to come by and pick up food before going to work, but because the food has become so popular, some shops are now open throughout the day or even 24hrs for late nights snackers. Soymilk is also a taiwanese breakfast must!

We will be serving things like tea stewed hard boiled eggs, Taiwanese eggs crepe, or sticky rice stuffed pork and pickled daikon along with traditional Oolong tea.

We are hosting The Wax Apple as a shop-in-shop through the end of the year in our upstairs studio. The space is a container for, and creation of, memory, conjuring artist Juliana Hung’s Taiwanese childhood, with products selected with her Grandmother for sale. Regular Taiwanese food will help activate this project and the memories, new and old, it inspires.